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Featured: Precious Plastic

We’re using more plastic then ever before, and its rising each year by an average of 4% per annum. Alarmingly most of this plastic is not recycled and the situation is only getting worse.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Aftershave Money Jar

Check out this money jar I made using an old Jean-Paul Gaultier Aftershave can.

Upcycled Copper Herb Plant Pot

Using an old tin can and metallic copper spray paint I made this stylish herb plant pot.

DIY Upcycled Chalk Board

Making your own black board is super simple…

Christmas Wrapping paper hack

Keep all of your wrapping paper rolls together this Christmas using a cardboard tube from a used toilet roll.

Wine Bottle Vase

How to make a simple vase using old wine bottles…

What is "It's Crate"?

In a world where we waste so much, why not upcycle your waste materials and turn them into stylish creations.